About Us

The faces behind South Sensation are the team of Polymedia, based mostly in Hampshire and Wiltshire.

We’re consumer PR, brand and marketing specialists based on the south coast.

Although we work nationally, we’ve chosen to live in this spectacular region because we love it.

This is not a Polymedia blog. It’s not our professional designers, photographers or web developers although we have plenty of all those. It’s core team, friends and family do it in our spare time, it’s also a training ground for new members of the team.

Basically, it’s a way to explain why we #lovewherewelive

That said of course, if you’re looking for professional PR support, consumer content campaigns, a superb website, or any support you can take a look at what we do on our website. www.polymediapr.co.uk

We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re new to the area or dyed in the wool southerner.

Looking for inspiration of where to go, what do you or where to eat?
Looking to be a contributor?
Looking for your business or interest to feature?

Whatever you’re looking for – welcome.

e: juliefuge@polymediapr.co.uk

Thanks for joining us!