The Vegetarian Directory

The vegetarian directory

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, there are plenty of local retailers offering amazing vegan products and restaurants offering vegan options. We also have a fabulous selection of recipes! Everything you need to fulfil your veggie or vegan lifestyle can be found here, in our vegan and veggie directory!


Don’t see yourself on our list? If you offer vegan or vegetarian alternatives and would like to be added to the directory, just pop us an email at and we will happily add you!


  • A veggie jumble

    The perfect dish to make when you've got spare veggies hiding in the fridge!

  • Vegan cauliflower cheese

    Vegan cheesy goodness!

  • Veggie pesto pasta

    For when nothing else will hit the spot, other than veggie pasta!

  • Garlicky kale with chilli

    A vegan friendly dish with a kick!

  • Carrot and lentil soup

    Perfect dish to warm you through when you're feeling under the weather!

  • Pan-fried asparagus

    A quick dish with a tasty garlic, lemon and parsley sauce


  • The Mansion at Coldeast

    Offer a selection of tasty vegan and vegetarian options - including the superfood salad!

  • Summerhouse Coffee Lounge

    A hidden gem within Silversprings Garden Centre, offering a fab veggie breakfast!

  • SALT cafe

    For a vegan lunch with a view, check out the SALT cafe!

  • Vito Lounge

    From roasted aubergine massaman curry to vegan mexican superbowls, Vito Lounge's vegan menu will have you drooling!

  • High Tides Cafe

    For some tasty veggie classics like avocado on toast, pop into High Tides for a bite

  • Cackleberry's

    For a vegan bites and veggie snacks, try out Cackleberry's!

Our lovely locals

  • Alexander Hadleigh

    If you're looking for a tipple to treat yourself with, Alexander Hadleigh offer nearly 100 vegan wines!

  • Flamingo Fudge

    For vegan fudge options, Flamingo Fudge have your back!

  • Fruit Basket

    For fresh fruit and vegetables, check out the Fruit Basket in Stubbington!