A veggie recipe for when you need to raid the fridge!

A veggie recipe for when you need to raid the fridge!

A veggie recipe for when you need to raid the fridge!

From the last onion to a stray carrot, our friends at Boxxfresh have come up with this tasty veggie jumble – giving you an easy way to use up all those rogue bits and bobs you have lying about in your fridge.

When you jumble together all these remaining veggies, it turns into a delicious pan of goodness, while reducing your food waste AND saving you money! This dish serves 4-6, depending on how many leftover vegetables you’re planning to use.

Find out more about Boxxfresh on their website!

These are the ingredients we used, but this recipe is all up for interpretation – so have some fun with it!

2-3 cloves of garlic – finely diced

1 chilli – seeded and finely diced

A chunk of ginger – grated or finely diced

A handful of mushrooms – diced

2-3 sticks of celery – finely chopped

1 red onion – finally cliced

A few carrots – washed and finely chopped

A handful of tenderstem broccoli – roughly chopped

A handful of greens – you can use anything from kale and cabbage, to spring greens and spinach!

Cooked brown or basmatti rice

Tamari sauce

Toasted seeds or nuts for topping – pumpkin and cashews are our favourite!

Olive oil


Start by cooking your rice, if you’re using store-bought just follow the instructions on the back of the pack.

Next, place a wok or a large pan over a medium heat and drizzle in some olive oil.

Add the garlic, ginger and chilli – allowing them to sit for a 30 seconds before stirring regularly.

Pop your onions into the mix, and stir. Let these cook down for a minute or two, just until they become slightly translucent.

Drop in your mushrooms and celery, stirring everything together and let cook for another few minutes.

Once your mushrooms have begun to brown, add the rest of your chopped veggies and a good splash of tamari sauce. Jumble everything together and let the mix cook until all your veggies are cooked to taste. We like a bit of crunch, so we cooked ours for another 4-5 minutes!

Finally, tumble in your cooked rice and stir everything together. Serve hot and top with sesame seeds or nuts. Tuck in!