A wander and wonder at Holly Hill Woodland Park

A wander and wonder at Holly Hill Woodland Park

A wander and wonder at Holly Hill Woodland Park

Holly Hill Woodland Park is a stunning reserve with so many hidden gems to explore.

It’s a great day out for families with kids and is also a hotspot location for birdwatchers and photographers.

There’s also an assortment of wildlife living around the sunken gardens and various lakes within the park – while the walking route is filled with features like waterfalls, climbing rocks and even its own grotto!

It takes about 45 minutes to walk the circular route around the woodland, but if you want to extend your visit we recommend bringing a picnic!

There’s free parking along Barnes Close, right next to the main park entrance.

The first bit of fun is making your way down the slope towards a crossroads which has a large copper beech tree. From here, turn right and follow the track down to the lakes.

When you reach the lakes, you’ll see a picnic area with benches and stones to sit at – which is a perfect place to enjoy your picnic and scope out the local wildlife.

The areas surrounding the lakes are great for young adventurers, who will love to explore the many hidden features. There’s boarded walkways that follow the side of the water and steppingstones that are always an instant hit. The stones cross only a small trickle of water, so it’s a great spot to stop and make a splash!

If you head to the middle of the two lakes you’ll spot a green metal bridge. Cross this and you’ll spot rocks and low trees perfect for climbing. There are plenty of benches for mum and dad to watch the kids in comfort. Who knows – Dad might even have a go!

The park really does offer exploration for all ages!

For those thinking of visiting, the park has a Play Day event on Wednesday 17th August, where children can take part in making their own bird feeders, stick people, dens and more…

To find out more about what else is happening on Play Day at Holly Hill and to book your tickets check out our website below.