Eat the Seasons February


Eat the Seasons February


Still cold and dark, February might still seem like bleak mid-winter, but there are plenty of bright spots to look forward to when it comes to seasonal eating.

February’s foodie calendar starts with a roar as Chinese New Year brings us the year of the tiger. Traditional foods to celebrate include spring rolls, noodles, fish, steamed chicken and lots of fruit and veg.

Then it’s time to rise to the occasion of British Yorkshire Pudding Day (February 6) – why not try a twist on a Sunday roast by baking one giant pudding and filling it with steak, roast potatoes, veg and lashings of gravy? 

Valentine’s Day on the 14th gives you the chance to go all out and impress someone special with a meal for two at home.

Go for something wildly different at The Twells Tradition in Portchester, where Maurice Twell is famed for his award-winning sausages. You’ll find flavours from duck and hoisin and steak and ale to wild boar and the Hampshire special of venison, red wine and watercress. 


Beef from The Twells Tradition



There’s still time to try game, with guinea fowl, venison, partridge and rabbit still very much at their best. Beef is perfect in a slowly simmered stew, and chicken and pork can be used to make easy, one-pan dishes. 

Beef from Sheppard’s Family Butchers


The Fruit Basket Stubbington



Keep using those apples and pears in crumbles and pies.

Boxxfresh Titchfield


Pickle and Pea Portchester



Leeks and cabbage are at their best now, but there’s plenty of other lovely winter veg to choose from, like carrots, sprouts, parsnips, cauliflower and kale. 

Leon’s Fruit and Veg Locks Heath


Recipe for the month

Enjoy a special treat this Valentine’s by using some English sparkling wine to whip up some deliciously decadent sparkling wine truffles. Fareham Wine Cellar stocks fantastic sparkling Hampshire wines from Hambledon Vineyard, Raimes and Cottonworth. 


First, warm 150ml double cream with 25g unsalted butter until it starts to simmer, then pour over a bowl of finely chopped 100g dark chocolate and 50g milk chocolate.

Then stir until all the chocolate has melted, then add 50ml sparkling wine. Chill for at least four hours, then shape into 25 small balls and freeze.

Let them set before serving, and then finish by rolling in icing sugar or desiccated coconut.