Green ideas for Global Recycling Day

Green ideas for Global Recycling Day

Green ideas for Global Recycling Day

Plastic is all around us, from water bottles and food packaging to beauty products.  

Global Recycling Day on March 18 highlights the importance recycling plays in preserving our planet, and also urges us to see unrecyclable waste as a resource, rather than something to be thrown away. 

Many of our local traders are fighting the green fight, getting rid of their single-use plastics, and using recyclable alternatives, as well as offering a host of fantastic eco-friendly products for customers.  

Here, we shine the spotlight on some of those traders offering green goods and share ideas on how you can help cut out single-use plastics and turn your trash into planet-saving treasure.  

Think reusable.


Enjoy your coffee guiltfree by bringing your own reusable cup to coffee shops and vans. Westbury Manor Museum offers 30p off your next hot drink in the museum café when you bring your own cup. 

Opt for clever recycling.


Jo Melton at The Seaside Sew in Stubbington breathes new life into old clothes, soft furnishings and even boots by turning them into fashionable new bags and purses.  


Check out her Instagram for more!

Use refills.


All Good Things in Fareham’s West Street is an eco-friendly, zero waste shop selling refills for shampoo, shower gels, detergents, and pantry staples. You can also find package-free spices, vegan sweets and dairy-free chocolate. 

Gift green.


Many of our local traders offer recycled wrapping and cards. Pick up a beautiful Seahorse Seed Card from the Seahorse Coffee Bar at Portchester Castle. Each card is impregnated with wildflower seeds, so you give them, they plant them, and the seeds grow into wild bee-friendly flowers.  

Wrap ethically.


Don’t wrap your lunch in clingfilm, make your own beeswax wraps with a simple kit from Always Plastic Free in Warsash 



Give your old furniture a facelift or check out Robin’s Nest Emporium, where you’ll find a great range of upcycled furniture.  

Eat less meat.


It’s healthier for you and healthier for the planet – even if you go meat-free just one day a week. Titchfield-based Boxxfresh is a family-run, go-to plant-based shop that delivers your fresh fruit, veg, herbs and salads straight to your door. 

Recycle where you can.


There are various glass recycling banks for your bottles and jars across Fareham, and you can also find banks for clothing and textiles, paper, books, CDs and DVDs, and general household waste.