Ways you can support local

Ways you can support local

Seven ways you can support local

The benefits of shopping local are well documented.

We cut down on driving – better both for our planet and our wallets; we’re creating a stronger local economy and boosting local jobs; we’re supporting our region’s producers; and we’re buying quality produce from friendly, knowledgeable traders.

As well as shopping local ourselves, there are other ways we can share the love and make sure others start to love local, too.

Here are seven ways you can show your support and do what you can to keep our wonderful local businesses growing and flourishing.

1 – Buy from them when you can

Of course, this one is obvious, but with the current economy and cost of living on the rise it’s been difficult to shop as often and support the local retailers we love so much. But shopping local needn’t mean it’s not good value: lots of our traders are competitive and want repeat customers so they often have great deals running.  So, next time you need to buy something– check out our local shops first and see if you can get it from there instead.

2 – Visit local

Next time you want a day out with friends, family – or just by yourself – remember there’s plenty to do right on your doorstep. Find out more about your area at the local museum, visit our fabulous nature reserves and heritage attractions, pop to the leisure centre, or have lunch at a local café.

3 – Buy gift vouchers as presents

This is a great one, as it solves the ‘what do I buy’ issue, and also shares some local love at the same time. The voucher recipient may well discover a shop they had never visited before, and once they’ve used their gift voucher, they’re more likely to return or buy a voucher for a friend of their own.

4 – Write a review online

If you’re going to a new place you’ve never tried before, you’re quite likely to pop onto Google or Trip Adviser and check out the reviews. You don’t even have to go into much detail – just pop on a quick star rating and that could make the difference in someone picking local.

5 – Tell your friends about your favourite shops, cafes and bars

We all talk to each other daily and the easiest way to spread the love for a local shop is by word of mouth. Recommend them to a friend, tell your nan about your visit, or arrange to meet your colleagues at a local café for an after-work catch-up.

6 – Share the love on social media

Many of our traders have great Instagram and Facebook pages. Liking, sharing and commenting helps boost posts to other users and gives them opportunities to reach more customers. We share lots of information and news from local traders on our own Instagram page, too.

7 – Post your pics online and tag the business

This is another way to share your experience with others and social media is a faster way of reaching people that has much more impact.