Visiting Sweet Peas Cafe

Visiting Sweet Peas Cafe

Visiting Sweet Peas café

Sweet Peas is a fabulous role-play café situated in Fareham’s West Street. Fun and imagination are top priorities. We invited Sarah Donaghy, of @sarah.familylife and her family to take a trip there. Here’s what they had to say!  

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When we explained to the children we were going to a mini town in a café, their imagination went wild and opening the door on Sweet Peas didn’t disappoint!

We had a lovely welcome with some tempting display cakes and, once we had paid, the children rushed off to explore.  

First stop was a mini supermarket, where they took on roles of customers and shopkeeper. After completing a full shop, they rushed to the medical clinic.

Poor Jack had to have surgery and it was a little worrying to see on the x-ray, that his foot was stuck on his head! However, his sisters helped to fix him.

One of my children’s favourite role plays is of home life – so the cottage was where they spent most of their time – while Lucy enjoyed dressing up as a superhero to save the rest of her siblings from the big bad wolf!

Sweet Peas is the perfect place for parents with little ones, especially as the areas have low walls – so you can keep an eye on them while enjoying a cuppa and get to see how cute they’re being!

The children have informed us that this is now the only cafe we can go to, as it’s not a boring one but a fun one! Play is very clearly number one at Sweet Pea’s and it was a joy for us to visit today. A must for anyone caring for young children.

We will be returning soon!

If you want to take a visit of your own to Sweet Peas Play cafe, check out their social for opening times and more!