Sowing the seeds…

Sowing the seeds…

Sowing the seeds…

There’s nothing quite like home-grown produce – fresh, seasonal ingredients taste even better when you’ve grown them yourself! 

Check our guide to see which vegetables can be sown or planted in September for harvesting in the spring and summer.

Stewarts Garden Centre in Titchfield have a full selection of seeds for your favourite fruit and veggies – so why not pop in and grab a few to help you get ahead on your planting?

Salad leaves

Get them in now and you can harvest in a few weeks, keeping you supplied with fresh leaves through autumn and winter. Sow in a sheltered spot or in pots.


Sown now, radishes will also grow in time to add colour and crunch to autumn salads.


Fancy growing your own turnips for the Christmas table or Burns Night in January? Sow in September and start harvesting the baby turnips from six weeks.


Pop green manure on empty beds now to help improve soil structure and prevent weeds establishing over winter.


Prepare rhubarb crowns and asparagus crowns to plant next month for a delicious harvest next year.


Ideal for growing in the greenhouse or under cloches for protection as the weather cools. Harvest in spring.


Plant at the end of the month ready for cropping next year. Plant cloves 2.5cm deep and 25cm apart, in well-prepared soil. Shoots should appear before autumn and over winter, then put on fresh growth in spring.

Broad beans

Can be sown in September to overwinter and produce an early crop next spring.


Winter-hardy spring onions are another great option for harvesting next spring.