SALT Cafe… a hidden gem

SALT Cafe… a hidden gem

A local icon for so many – but a secret from many more

The Salt Cafe for many is an absolute local icon, but for many more they have never heard of this hidden gem.

So next time you’re looking for somewhere for breakfast or lunch, or for pizza on a Friday night then head to Wicor Marina in Portchester for something quirky, friendly and bright, with great food and spectacular views.

The cafe is quite difficult to find for the first time, which somehow only adds to the appeal. It’s at the bottom of Wicor Marina in Portchester and don’t be fooled if you’re convinced you’re in the wrong place. Be patient.

Located right on the waterfront, seats inside and out have stunning views. In summer you can feel the sun against your face with a cold beer, and in the colder months there are blankets and hot water bottles so you can enjoy cosy coffee and cake on the Terrace with the dog at your feet.

It’s perfect for walkers and cyclists and just for reading the newspaper or a book.


For breakfast you can go big or go berry with the likes of a granola breakfast bowl with fresh Greek yoghurt, blueberries and banana or the Salt Cafe grilled breakfast with sausages, bacon, fried eggs, roasted vine tomatoes, portobello mushroom, Heinz baked beans and hot buttered toast.

The brunch menu includes the likes of fresh crab open sandwich and salted skin-on fries or crispy cod brioche baguette with garlic and caper mayo with watercress.

For those with a sweet tooth try a Salt Cafe brownie sundae or a chocolate basket with ice cream, espresso, hazlenut liqueur and a Biscoff crumb.

sausage rolls

Friday night is Pizza Night at Salt Cafe and is definitely special.

The little sister of Salt Cafe, the Beach Hut is also a gem and now opens on a Saturday evening as well. Just a five-minute walk from Portchester Castle, the Beach Hut Cafe makes for a lovely destination for a walk and breakfast, brunch or lunch or to spend  some time watching the view on a balmy September Saturday evening.

Sharing board at the Beach House Cafe