Going with the Flo…

Going with the Flo…

Going with the Flo…

Helen Ruff, of Flo’s Circle on Instagram, is a wedding consultant, sobriety advocate and Access Bars Practitioner from her home in Portchester. And curious to know more, we were kindly invited to try out the unusual head therapy for ourselves.

What are Access Bars?

Access Bars are described as 32 points on the head that relate to different areas of life, such as ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions, and attitudes. And when lightly touched Helen describes the effect as ‘like clearing the cache on your hard drive’.

She first experienced an Access Bars treatment as a 40th birthday present and hasn’t looked back since.

Helen said: “I’ve struggled with my mental and emotional health since I was a child – and have been on something of a personal development journey for the last few years.

“After the treatment I felt a profound shift in my mood, something I can only describe as a natural high. I felt very happy. So of course, I went for regular treatments, and last year I decided to train as a practitioner.

“I’ve found it works for me and it’s become a key part of my wellbeing toolbox, along with yoga, being outside with nature, journaling, sobriety, spending time with friends and family, and Epsom salt baths!”

The moment you step through Helen’s door you feel relaxed. There’s a light fragrance of essential oils, and after taking off my shoes, lying on the therapy table and being covered in a warm, soft blanket I was ready for Helen to start ‘running the bars’. This is where light pressure is applied to each point on my head to clear out my ‘channels’.

Helen added: “The treatment starts with the ‘implant band’; this is an area of our heads where we store all our memories and things relating to our everyday lives.

“Sometimes unhelpful seeds find their way into our minds, take root, and just need to be weeded out before they grow and take over.

“An Access Bars treatment runs a sort of electromagnetic charge from me to the client which cleanses the mind from anxieties, stresses, negative thoughts and allows you to re boot and start to feel amazing again. A bit like a release; a reset.”

The £40 treatment lasts for an hour, and I can honestly say that I felt lighter and happier afterwards.  It was very relaxing and not quite as vigorous as a typical head massage, but it still felt oddly comforting to have pressure slowly applied to the different areas of your head.

Helen is currently training to become a qualified Access Bars Facilitator – meaning she can run the day-long Access Bars class and teach others how to run the bars.

If you’re interested in Access Bars, or any of the other services Helen offers, check out her social pages for more information!