Discover the Holly Hill Woodland Path

Discover the Holly Hill Woodland Path

The Woodland Path

We joined The Ambling Path on a 3km walk along the Holly Hill Woodland trail.

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Follow this guide to discover the path.

Start from the Holly Hill Woodland Park car park – it’s free. Postcode: SO31 7BH – W3W:backdrop/isolating/appealed

Leave the car park through the main entrance to the park. Follow the path gradually down hill and then turn right at the crossroads. When you reach Waterfall Bridge and the pond turn right and keep heading in the same direction, with the ponds to your left, until the path comes to a natural end at the head of the ponds.

When you reach the grotto, you have the choice to head up the hill and back to the car park or continue into Cawtes Copse, following signs to Hamble Foreshore

To reach the foreshore, follow the path straight through the woodland and ignore the paths to your right. You will eventually come to a lovely viewpoint looking across The River Hamble. When done looking at the view, take the path with the wooden fence on your right. After a short while, you will see a main path heading left. Take this path all the way back through Cawtes Copse. This is a quieter part of the park and we were lucky enough to see roe deer on the path in front of us. There are also lots of daffodils here in March.

The path will emerge at the sunken garden where, in early Spring, there is a spectacular camellia. From here the car park is signposted and is only a short distance away.